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Magnus has been created to define the universe of Robotics and AI automation for investors and organisations. Magnus is also the first truly decentralized network of intelligent AI agents, Robots, Sensors, hardware and humans creating a global market for knowledge, skills and processing power.

Magnus is a hybrid token – it has both utility and usage.

The Magnus token Pre-sale finished successfully on 28th of February 2018 where we raised an equivalent of 2181 Eth. The Main ICO will open soon ( Tentative – Please watch our website and other announcements from us ) and potential contributors are requested to signup for the ICO WhiteList.

We target to raise 30000 Ether through our crowd-sale. 59,100,000 tokens will be issued, which will be distributed among participants through Token Sale.

The hard cap is 30000 Ether. 59.1 M MGS tokens are being sold. There are 118.2 M total MGS tokens.

The main ICO contains 5 phases where the discounts range from 40% to 10% in a phased manner.

We have a fulling working unit of the Magnus Blockchain network which you can use to purchase A.I. and IOT services using the Magnus Tokens. Participants who have acquired the Magnus Tokens can now start using this to access our services.

The current production version of the Magnus Collective BlockChain is undergoing maintenance and we expect the latest version to be back on the Ethereum Network around first week of April 2018. We would be posting details on this shortly. Request your patience till then!

Magnus has backing from reputed tech investors and leading accelerators in the US including Plug and Play Ventures ( A #15 ranked national accelerator ) , and others. We have 15 full time employees working from our Palo Alto and global locations.

Our global team, advisors and investors can be found on our homepage:

We strongly believe that leveraging two of the most popular blockchain networks, brings an unprecedented level of consistency, stability, and reliability to the Magnus Collective. We are in fact one of the first ICO’s to use this technique.

We maintain something called a reserve token for the MGSN tokens sold with ethereuem and vice versa – This essentially means that the total market cap remains the same and our hard cap also remains fixed at 30000 Eth irrespective of any amount we raise through our NEP-5 tokens or ERC-20 tokens.

We will burn the half of the community pool both of the ERC-20 based tokens and the NEP-5 based tokens. This will ensure that the total allocation to the community pool also remains the same.

The NEP-5 tokens issued for the main ICO are called MGSN. There will be a total supply of 1000 Million MGSN tokens. The break down and allocation would remain the same as the MGS token based on ERC-20 (Ethereum).

You can view our code at

The tokens will be credited to the contributors wallet immediately for the ERC-20 / Ethereum tokens. The NEO Tokens will be distributed 15 days after the Main ICO close to the NEO Wallet / public address provided by the contributors.